About Us

Established in 1970, Agnews was born into a vibrant era of home renovation and restoration. A period when enthusiastic home renovators were rediscovering the architectural gems of Victorian, Federation and pre-war periods.

Agnews business then focused on the salvage and restoration of original building materials from demolished sites. From that early experience, a wealth of knowledge and an appreciation was accquired for the materials, craftmanship and design detail that distinguish the various architectural styles that dot the Australian landscape.

In time, the availability of original building materials would become more difficult. Agnews determined to meet the continuing demand for historic home fittings by manufacturing and sourcing reproduction architectural furniture and hardware.

It was during this period that the most significant phase of Agnews evolution would take place. Almost every house built up to the 1960's had a fireplace opening and homes of the traditional eras often included several fireplaces. Renovators were desperate for authentic period fireplace components and expert assistance to refurbish or replace their fireplace settings. Agnews identified the obvious need for a specialist in this field. Somebody who understood the styling issues and the mechanics of a fireplace. Since that time, Agnews has focused it's expertise and energy on specialising in fireplaces.

Architectural trends and decorating styles have moved on since those early beginnings. Although, classic style fireplace settings still have their place in period homes, Agnews response to the emerging architectural and decorating trends has been to develop modern alternatives in fireplace decor. Alternatives that accommodate new technologies in home heating and decorative fires and the application of innovative fireplace surround materials and contemporary forms.

Having kept pace with technological developments, fashion and lifestyle trends for nearly four decades, Agnews Fireplaces have remained at the forefront of the fireplace industry, producing creative fireplace solutions for countless home improvement projects.